Do you know about our partnership with Precision Micro? Europe’s leading photo chemical etching specialist?

In collaboration with Precision Micro in Birmingham, we at Rydahl offer proven etched metal components with high precision. Etched parts can be offered in thicknesses from 0.025 mm to 2.00 mm with tolerances within + /- 25 microns.

If even tighter tolerances are required we can also offer electroforming or wire EDM at Precision Micro. These detailed parts have ultra-fine etched surface details and openings. We produce components quickly, economically and with the highest possible standard. Through this cooperation we are at the forefront of developments in photochemical etching and reach out to high-technology markets. We are constantly developing new production techniques and revolutionary methods to meet the requirements of our customers. The latest innovation is etching in titanium where Precision Micro is the first company in Europe to offer this for serial delivery. With the large production plant at Precision Micro of 6000 m2, we can now change smoothly from development to production of large volumes.

By engaging us right at the design stage, you save time and money. Try us today!


  • Etching, electroforming and wire EDM – all at the same factory
  • Ultra-precise and cost-effective
  • Plate thickness 0,025 – 2,00 mm
  • Complex parts cost no more to produce then simple ones.
  • Stress and burr-free components
  • Low risk, tooling cost are minimal
  • Etching half way through the steel plate give possibilities to create loggos, id-number or bend-lines