Electroforming – a method where the detail is built atom by atom.

Electroforming is a process where in a chemical bath (anode & cathode) you direct the atoms to be placed on a model where you can create the desired detail.

In this process, very small parts can be manufactured with a tolerance within 1-2 my.

The technology does not require an expensive set of tools and is well suited for both prototyping and serial delivery in large volumes.

In the case of series delivery, a larger volume can be manufactured in the same process in the same run, which gives a very favorable cost picture. The technology also provides a high repeatability with all details within a very tight tolerance.

When conventional punching or etching does not meet the dimensions / tolerances, electroforming is a very good alternative.

The detail created is free of burrs and inherent stresses and the surface finish is very fine. Holes can be created with varying designs, they do not have to be straight walls.

This fact is something that is used in the manufacture of, for example, nozzles that are supposed to produce a mist for higher air humidity. There, through the ultra-fine holes, liquid can be sprayed out, which creates a mist from millions of small liquid particles.

Other suitable details that electroform are for example;