Cutting precision machining

Have you heard about our expertise in complicated details?

At Rydahl we are oriented to fine mechanical parts, for industries within medicine, electrical engineering, optics and engineering. Production takes place at specialized companies in Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Taiwan. Each of these manufacturing partners is itself a specialist in its field. The more complex the part, the more suitable it is for us. Products include nipples, plugs, shafts, special screws, special bolts, pins, contact pins, bushings, rings, etc. In addition to the common material types such as iron and steel alloys, light metals and other conventional metallic materials, we also offer processing of most plastics as well as exotic and advanced metallic materials such as stainless steel, super alloys (Duplex, Hastelloy, etc.), titanium and titanium alloys.


  • Production at world leading specialized manufacturers of small parts
  • Turning & milling from one supplier
  • From prototypes to small, medium & high volume production
  • The more complex part, the more suitable for us
  • All materials