Rydahl Precision Components

Rydahl Precision Components is a trading and service company specializing in providing fine mechanical precision parts for Nordic manufacturing, in accordance with our clients’ interests. With us, your company can make all its purchases of fine mechanical precision parts from one supplier. We offer a wide range of parts with high added value.

All products are purchased from specialized companies in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Taiwan. We suggest appropriate provider options based on your needs. Our goal is that you as a customer shall achieve maximum competitiveness in your business. This is made possible through:

  • Our long experience with a network of certified high-skilled specialist companies where quality, delivery precision and cost effectiveness are key words.
  • The competitiveness of each project provides you as customer with an optimal overall solution tailored just for your project.
  • Personal cooperation and close relationship with both you as customer and our suppliers.
  • High flexibility of our service. Our family-owned company’s commitment and desire to always do “the extra mile”.

An overview of our range is shown here on the website. Welcome to contact us for a discussion about your needs for precision components and complete solutions.

History & Future

RPC was founded by Bengt Rydahl in 1996, and the company name was then Rydahls Precisionsdetaljer. Over the years the company has developed very positively. The company’s customers are mostly in Sweden, deliveries are also made to Norway, Finland, Denmark, the UK, Poland and Taiwan. To further support our customers and become even more active in the market, Bengt’s son-in-law, Peter Rydahl, joined the company in the autumn of 2011. In connection with this, Peter and Susanna (Bengt’s daughter) took majority ownership of the company and the name was changed to RPC – Rydahl Precision Components. In January 2014, Peter and Susanna took full ownership of the company, and in November that year the company bought ES Tech International, which specializes in etching and stamping, a good complement to Rydahl’s product portfolio.

We have the great pleasure to present the news that Hugma acquires 100% of the shares in Rydahl Precision Components.

We make the future together with our customers. Our goal is constant development in which the customers’ requirements are in focus.

We look forward to the future together with you.